Photoscape Manual - Editor(Tools Tab)

Tools Tab

The Tools function of the Editor tool of PhotoScape allows you to apply an effect to a designated area of a photo.

Effect to a Selected Region

1. Select the desired effect.

Effect Options
 Screen Scroll Use hand cursor to drag image around.

Red Eye Correction Select area around eyes in photo to remove red eye.

Mole Removal Select around moles to remove. High is for darker moles, Low is for light moles.

Mosaic Creates a blur area effect. Mosaic creates a large pixel like effect Jitter creates a scattered dot effect.

2. Place cursor at any desired corner of area to be selected, click and hold the left-mouse button.

3. Drag cursor to diagonal opposite corner desired and release mouse button, a box will be drawn around the selected area.

Note: The region tab is used to perform quick photo touch ups.

Paint Brush

Clone Stamp

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